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I’ve recently obtained a vintage Filofax – which is possibly older than myself, but I’ll go over my own in a later post – but I’m yet to expand its use beyond a simple diary and contacts list. Philofaxy is an amazing website that explores and details Filofax culture in all it’s 80’s glory.

This particular post, “Guest Post from Helen: Using a Filofax to plan a new website.” caught my eye. In previous years I’ve used sketch books and loose leaves of layout paper in order to plan a website; this woman uses a whole Filofax in order to plan, layout, and learn basic code, in order to successfully launch and run her own website.

The level of organisation some people have amazes me. Personally, I’m about as organised as the London Underground; you get to where you need to be on time, but not necessarily via the route you originally planned.

I’m tempted to try a method like this in order to regiment my blogs posts and general creative activities, but I don’t know if I can afford to shell out on a new Filofax every time I have an idea for a new project. Nor do I have space to store that many project files. I’ve only just got this one, and I’m already considering looking for an A4/A5 for longer notes and more in depth planning.

This is going to spiral out of control, isn’t it?