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I’ve realised recently that I greatly dislike the word “goal” or “goals”. Maybe it would be more appropriate to capitalise in this situation, as I’m not talking about the goals you find yourself screaming for during a sports game.

The “Goals” I am referring to, are those you would like to achieve; things you set out for yourself and aim for over a long periods of time. Some people have simple ones, like learning a new language or one day owning their dream car – though I don’t think owning an expensive product is a Goal, as such. More of a test of will power and personal restraint.

Coming back to my point; the term “Goal” bothers me. It suggests an end to something you most likely have been working hard on, be it for years, months, or maybe even a week. But why does there have to be an end to the things you want to achieve? Should to stop being a Doctor once you’ve achieved your Goal of becoming one? Do you have to stop playing the piano once you’ve played in the Royal Albert Hall? Would you give up on your new diet, simply because you’ve reached you’re short term Goal of eating healthily for a week?

Do you see where I’m coming from?

A Goal is something that you do, and are done with once complete; but the things we deem to be our Goals are quite often things that we want to continue to do once we have passed the white line in the grass.

It’s similar to the first Obama campaign, where his designers put a full stop at the end of the word “Forward”…

A contradiction in punctuation, but one that did not go unnoticed. The full stop was later changed to the ambitious exclamation mark, transforming the contradiction into a call to action.

Why must we set Goals, when choosing to take “Action” or “Striving” for something might fit the process far better? Though these choice words don’t seem to come close to what we truly mean when we set Goals for ourselves.

There is noting wrong with having Goals; they’re an essential part of personal developement and growth, but I’d much rather find a way of describing my hopes and dreams in a way that didn’t sound so final once I have achieved them.

No matter what your Actions, Purpose, or Aims are…

Don’t Forget to be Awesome.