I have awful nails. As pretty much a life-long biter, it’s a struggle to even grow nails, let alone care for them. Oddly enough the release of this product has motivated me into resisting chomping on my nails so I have something to use it on!

The apprentice and the master: Tom (left) & Lord Sugar (right)

The Stylfile – Where that first e went I’ll never know – is the brain child of the winner of The Apprentice 2011, Tom Pellereau. While his Emergency Biscuit the notorious ‘Chair’ were met with mixed reviews, this product has hit the ground running, backed heavily by Lord Sugar’s enthusiasm to branch out into the beauty industry.


First things first; this is a very well packaged product. I’ve bought too many conventional files that were encased in cheap, limp, plastic. The perforated card inset is encased in a rigid plastic sleeve that snugly holds the file in place during transit and sale. I found mine in the local Sainsbury’s, tucked away under the usual offering of hairbands, brushes, and nail care accessories. For a product that has had so much noise made about it, Sainsbury’s don’t seem to be doing their bit in launching this product. Although, this could just be my local being typically uncreative with their facing.


Lightweight and rigid, and with a striking pink trim, the Stylfile does appeal to my feminine senses – though I’ve only had it open an hour and the files are already coming away from the pink plastic. The design geek in me loves the way the logo has been printed straight onto the 250 grit side – Yes, there are two sides. The white ink has taken to the uneven surface in a way that reminds me of printing onto absorbent card.I’m still undecided about the adaptation of the lower-case e in the logo, as the shape doesn’t accurately reflect the shape of the file.

Accompanying the 250 grit side is the 500 grit, (beauty) industry-standard, abrasive side. Part of me thinks Tom could give the Ped Egg a run for its money by adventuring into foot files using this stuff. Though it does say anywhere on the packaging that these two sides are present, I didn’t notice it for some time (until my sister pointed it out). For someone who doesn’t use beauty accessories often, this sort of information would have been appreciated.


I have to be honest. I had to google how to use this thing! The instructions on the back are clearly not in-depth enough for me to grasp. The motion required is somewhat alien as you almost have to scoop your nail in order to use it. I’m sure with practice it’ll become more natural, but as I always say; “If you need instructions to use it, it’s not designed properly.”

My final verdict will come in time. If it does the job, I may shell out another £4.49 on the buffer. Did I not mention? These things are £4.49 each!