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Ever have one of those moments where you know you’re going to be showing more of your body to the public than you’re comfortable with, but you don’t want to let people down? – or horrify them. I’ve recently had one of those moments.

Apart from my average height, I am not a little lady. I’ve never deliberately tried to convince you otherwise. Though I’m by no means offensively massive – I think I’m pretty much the average size for the UK – I’m big enough to be self conscious in skin flashing situations such as swimming, and to incite such comments such as “Thar she blows.” when I do attempt the activity. Which is total BS if you ask me. Why deliberately put someone off an activity that could relieve them of their whale-like status!? Dick move much?

With a sense of impending doom and terror at the thought of exposing myself to the unsuspecting public, I’m determined to do something. Or just enough to make myself socially acceptable. My brother was able to lose half his body weight through running alone – he’s a bit of a narcissistic dick now though – I’m sure I can make a dent in the  three months I have to get ‘beach acceptable’. To aim for ‘beach ready’ would be a bit too ambitious, no?

My point to this overly self indulgent post is that I need your help. How the hell am I going to do this!? Eating better, running, finding every excuse to go up & down the stairs at work, and copious amounts of frog squats are a given. Anything else you can suggest would be very much appreciated.

I’ve recently had a few visitors from the fair land of Mexico, so gracias por su visita 🙂 and muchas gracias to Google Translate.