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A colleague of mine who is a veritable fitness addict and cyborg – basically my polar opposite – recently made me aware of these trendy little sports accessories that are supposed to help with your general performance. Ionic Sports Bracelets work under the principle of using negative ions to balance out all the crap you come into contact every day, e.g. computers, mobile phones, pollution, etc. If meat was added to that list I would call Vegetarian propaganda! As I’ve said, this colleague of mine is part cyborg. Think Will Smith in I, Robot and you’re partly there. I think he’s hoping that this band will help improve mobility in his Adamantium wrist. If I’m honest, I’m skeptical.

As a filthy tree-hugging Pagan, I know that it’s more than a bit hypocritical of me to doubt the effectiveness of these bands. They all integrate Tourmaline, a crystal which I’m fairly familiar with. In its solid form I’m perfectly accepting of its healing, balancing, and energising properties. Ground up into a stretchy wrist band, not so much. Maybe it’s the ‘hologram technology’ many of these bands claim to employ. Maybe it’s the surgical grade silicone the crystal is encased in. I can’t help but instinctively cry bullshit despite my desire to keep an open mind. They remind me too much of those rubber charity bands.

I’ve had a brief snoop around and found that there are but-loads of these Ionic Bands in circulation – but-loads being the correct scientific measurement in these situations – with prices ranging from mere pence on eBay, to £30 on ‘official’ sites.

I’m going to leave it a few weeks and see what happens with my chum, before purchasing one of my own. Even if it is the placebo effect and its deceptive brand of black-magic that’s at work here, I may buy in. If it gets me from distance walking to distance running, and eventually thin, I’ll buy anything!

In the meantime, here’s a few for you to have a look at.

Infinity Pro

Ionic Blance – there are a lot of convincing comparison videos for these on YouTube

Pure Energy

Energy Armour – these naughty boys are being sued by EA for ripping off their logo.

Power Balance

If anyone has one of these bands, or knows someone who does, let me know how you/they got on.