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If you missed it, here’s my tutorial on creating a new document in Photoshop. This time around we’re going to focus on the slightly more fiddly program, Illustrator. Here’s how to create a new document:


Ai is the go-to program for creating clean and sharp vector based artwork for both print and web, and is great for designing elements that you will need in different sizes, like logos. It’s a suitable option for the typographers among you, but ID handles text a lot better.

The first, and most obvious, thing to do is to tickle your Ai icon with your cursor.

Beware, you may be re-opening this program more times than you'd like.

Once it’s loaded –  I find that it opens a little quicker than Ps – create a new document in a very similar way to Photoshop: File, New. Or Cmd N on Mac, Cntrl N on PC. Ai has the option to create ‘New form Template’ (shift, Cmd, N) which allowed you to plonk your text and images into a predetermined design.

New from Template is terrifying and unexplored territory for me.

This will give you a somewhat familiar new document window. Here you can choose document sizes, number of artboards, and bleed which isn’t as nasty as it sounds.

you must ‘Bleed’ in order to appease the Adobe gods.
Please note that all processes and methods in my tutorials are how I go about using these programs. I’m notorious for making things difficult for myself, so it’s best not to assume that my way is the best way. This is simply how I get things done. As long as you reach the desired destination who cares how you got there, right? </disclaimer>