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When I was younger, my dad encouraged me to dabble in calligraphy because my handwriting was so atrociously awful. I’m very glad he did actually – though I wasn’t at the time – sloppy writing seems to run in the family. My brother and sister, who dodged the calligraphy bullet, both have damn near illegible handwriting, while I can bash out an acceptable cursive hand. I think so anyway. This week, I’ve been watching calligraphy vids on YouTube with envy. Why this sort of thing isn’t on every creative university course, I don’t know.

There’s something about the combination of the piano and penmanship that’s undeniably hypnotic. I am envious of both his skill, and his sexy pen.

I’m determined to produce something like this soon… well, eventually. I dread to think how much his pens cost though. Those things look pricy!

When you see it, OK you won’t shit bricks, but you’ll give it a “No way!” I did. This person must have broken down each letter into shapes, in their head, before doing this. Or it’s black magic.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t afford a whole new set of pens every time you want to start a new project. This guy happens to be using one of my favourite brands of pencil to produce his calligraphy. I’d love to have a closer look at that nib though, to see how he’s cut it. Real men sharpen their pencils with scalpels, because pencil-sharpeners are for wimps!

A somewhat cheesy intro, but bare with it! This guy has some serious skills, and a beautiful pen that’s probably worth more than my whole collection of art supplies.

Writing, in water-based ink, to music. There’s a strange allure to art with unpredictable results, especially when it’s combined with something as traditional as calligraphy.

And now for something completely different.