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Every designer should have a collection of resources to fuel both their inspiration for, and collection of, type. This Type Tuesday – if it’s still even Tuesday when this goes live – I’ve decided to share eight of mine for your web-browsing pleasure.

Addictive Fonts

A beautiful collection of weekly inspirations and fonts. Discover your typographic muses, find a font with a stupidly long name, or just do what I do and look at the pretty pictures.

Daily Drop Cap

A beautiful collection of illuminated caps, with the HTML needed to embed them to your website. So you can like, get all flash and stuff with your capitals. The site has recently completed its mission of completing 12 alphabets and gone all lorem ipsum on my ass, but the pictures are still there – And we all know that’s what really counts.

Dingbat Press

I mostly subscribe to this site because I’m a sucker for stationary, stationary with sexy letterpress additions in particular. It’s also a gorgeously made site. Who can’t help but fall in love with that paper texture?

Fuck Yeah Keming

A humorous collection of photographs depicting godawful kerning. Also includes a few of the evilest fonts known to man – and quite clearly swearing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Ironic Sans

The original home of ‘Keming’ and general resources. It’s also a laugh, so why the hell not?

The Font Feed

I recently fell in love with this site while looking for Impact clones. Features articles from typographers and designers like Erik Spiekermann, and has a header that’s fun to play with. Simple things…

The Font Bureau

Not the most beautiful website in the world, but a good resource for type none the less. You may have to pay for some of the fonts found here, so maybe give it a miss if you’re a starving graduate like myself.

Typography Served

Another wonderful resource for typography, and a perfect site to get lost in when you’re doing ‘research’.

I use start.io to keep track of all the sites I subscribe to.