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Indi. game guru Markus Persson – AKA Notch – announced today that Mojang had won their interim injunction against ZeniMax/Bethesda:

Notch's announcement Tuesday October 18th 2011

Bethesda, the team responsible for the recent FPS ‘Rage’, and the predicted hit Skyrim initiated the lawsuit earlier this year after Mojang’s choice to call on of their future releases ‘Scrolls’. Bethesda received a considerable amount of criticism over the claim, with a large sector of the twitter population deeming it as a childish precaution. Myself included.

The two games in question – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Scrolls – while sharing a common noun and fantasy theme, share little else. There were concerns that the two might be mistaken for each other, but with one being a free roaming RPG, and the other a summoning based RTS, this seemed unlikely. I doubt they’ll even be seen side by side on shelves.

Throughout the case, Mojang have been completely transparent with details of the proceedings, going as far as to publish edited versions – certain images had to be removed due to Skyrim’s pending release. Ooh, spoilers! – of documents exchanged between their legal representatives, comparing the two games.

Luckily, the Judge saw sense, and voted in Mojangs favour. Though Bethesda might still take out an appeal, it seems unlikley to me that they’ll pursue this any further. But you never know…

On that note, I’m off to preorder Skyrim. And when it comes out, I shall be getting Minecraft for my XBOX 360. See, we’re all friends here 🙂