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Having graduated from university little over three months ago, I can slowly feel myself loosing touch with the design community I have grown – and been groomed – to love. Without the nurturing environment of a studio, I’m finding it more and  more difficult to motivate myself to undertake creative projects – though I do have a few ideas in the proverbial pipeline about for an environmental movement, but more on that another post.

I have to avoid falling into a slump, so I’m determined to feed my brain with anything I can find that’s remotely based on design. Actually, I did read a very interesting article on energy efficient LED light bulbs, in last month’s Wired Magazine. Suffice to say, I get exceptionally weird look whenever I try to bring up the topic of heat-sinks into everyday conversation.

To prevent this from becoming a long and nonsensical post, for how ever long it takes me I shall be reading this deliciously double covered book:

Just My Type: a book about fonts - Simon GarfieldSo expect a review within the next few days – read ‘weeks.