As it’s been a fair while since I’ve got my teeth into a decent project – or at least too long for my liking – I’m grabbing this opportunity by it’s underpants and forcing it to get its arse moving!

For those of you who don’t know me, my younger brother is a rather talented guitarist – I’m not just bigging him up because he’s my bro. He can seriously melt your face with his skills – and is lead guitar in the Wiltshire band, I’m Designer. AS you’ll see form the following videos, they are in dire need of branding of any kind. Right now they’re making do with a bed-sheet, defaced with marker pens! As a sister and a designer, I can not allow this to continue! Though their home-brew banner was a hell of a lot better than the word-art monstrosity ‘Purple Fish’ dragged along with them.

Videos to come! Once I’ve made them smaller somehow…