As a Brit, I’m the first to admit that the majority of us are not overly adventurous or knowledgeable when it comes to food / I want to enlighten myself to the new and weird things that are out there / My younger sibling wants to be a chef someday, giving me a great excuse to indulge myself in something so odd like this and pass it off as an educational exercise /

Find new and interesting things in supermarkets / pick an Isle at random and look for things with an odd sounding or funny name, the one who finds the best gets a point/ the foreign food isle is usually the best location for this, though there are probably some native foods out there that are stupidly named / the aim is not to mock the products, but to explore and find things you’ve always walked past.

Here are some of the things we found today:

Squid Fish Sauce

Not only does this product have an intriguingly calligraphic brand name that I cannot read, but it has an image of an oddly coloured squid! I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to be that colour, thought the only time I’ve ever seen one was in ring form and battered.

Coco Loto Coconut Jouce, With Pulp

Coco Loto Coconut Juice With PulpThe most interesting quality of this product, nor is it the label design, or its brand name. It’s the surreal feeling of seeing chunks of coconut suspended in a transparent liquid, almost like the time stop bit in Tomb Raider. I’ve not yet been brave enough to shake an un-bought bottle to see if it breaks the spell, so if anyone is man enough to do it take a pic and let me know whether you get removed from the premises or not.

Simply Extra Virgin

Simply Extra Virgin (Olive Oil)I’m sure they meant to put Olive Oil somewhere higher in the hierarchy, but this clearly male targeted design doesn’t seem to care. It reminds me of that caffeinated shampoo that looks like an engine supplement. See boys, brands want YOU to get your ass in the kitchen and make your lovely other half a nice sandwich with a lightly dressed salad. All made in the most manliest possible way , of course.