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I have noticed that it’s ben a fair while since I’ve updated anything remotely related to a project. I  just can’t seem to find the time to blog when I’m desperately trying to enjoy the last ‘holiday’ I’ll ever have before I’m sucked into the eternally disappointing, and inevitably soul crushing, world of work...

Eventually, after extensive consideration of my research, I decided upon targeting my Unwritten Rules outcome towards first-time students. I remember how terrifying my first year was –I actually didn’t eat properly for the first two weeks, I was so nervous– I would have been thankful for anything geared towards my survival that didn’t come out of a tabloid newspaper or was sponsored by vodka.

I wanted to create a way for students to break the ice with their new flat mates, whom they often weren’t able to choose. I also wanted to create a place where new students could interact with others in their situation, and older students, for support.

The whole idea revolved around my Unwritten Rules. They would be used to construct my final outcome in a way that the knowledge of past students was carefully weaved into its fabric. I was pretty sure that anyone who took the time to understand my work, and look at my sketch book, would be able to see this as feedback hadn’t lead me to believe anything else…

Preliminary and final designs to be posted shortly.