Documented versions of unwritten rules are all about helping others to survive a new experience or unknown situation. I knew I had to focus on one set of unwritten rules for my project. While considering which rules to focus on for my outcome I realised that my current situation was a perfect subject to write rules on.

Through my three years as a design student there has always been an element of uncertainty as to what is exactly expected of us. There is always a large amount of confusion around the beginning of a project, and an exceptional amount of stress just before a deadline. SO! I shall ask my fellow students, each for an unwritten rule on how to deal with the demands posed upon design students, mainly by students.

For example: “The unwritten rules of being a graphic design student: Tutors and how to deal with them, “What they say, and what they actually mean: as written by a design student”

There are twi ways I could approach this.

1. Using my personal experience as a design student I could write my own set of rules.

2. Collecting rules from a group of design students like myself would give my rules greater diversity. And it wouldn’t turn into a self indulgent rant.

Thinking about it, the second is probably the best way to go. If I were to take that route I could include written responses to the rules, as if they were real rules given to students. The written side could represent the panic we all get when we don’t understand a written rule. Just because they’re set in type, doesn’t mean they make any sense. In a way, this would represent how we react to written rules that seem both obscure and obvious.

At some point in this project, I have to address the question of, what happens to an unwritten rule when it is written down. As soon as something appears in type people treat it like gospel. Seeing something actually written down has a strange psychological effect on the reader…

I could see this getting confusing after a while…