I’m afraid I went into the presentations with some skepticism. Aa far as I’m concerned, inspiration is something you must find yourself, stumbeling across it in the middle of the night or begging your muses for it after weeks of unrelenting designers-bloc. Never the bad student, I sat dutifully through all three, taking notes like a madwoman! I’ve never written so quickly, in such little light.

This weeks presenters consisted of 3rd year Pete Sturgeon, 3nd year Liam Lewis, and 3rd Year James Cox.


Pete Sturgeon’s presentation took an optimistic approach to putting yourself out there, getting work experience where you want, and how using social networking sites in the right way can help you get your foot in the designer door. Send that email, Tweet your link, and post on their facebook page! Making that first move into getting yourself out there can really pay off in the long run. You do however, need to tweak your portfolio to suit the job. Otherwise you’ll get to your destination and end up looking like a bit of a goon.

“If you can convince yourself that you’re good at what you do, you’ll be able to convince other people.” ~ Pete Sturgeon, 3rd year Graphic Communication UWIC.

For examples of Pete’s work, see his website: Playtime Photography


Liam Lewis’ use his presentation slot to speak about the pursuit of perfection and how it probably doesn’t, or shouldn’t, exist as a target for designers. While Lewis seemed to have underestimated the length of 20 seconds, running out of words before slides moved on, the pauses worked in his favor, adding humor and forcing him to fill the gaps with more information than he previously planned. Pecha Kucha isn’t everyone’s preferred method of presentation, but throwing yourself in the deep-end sometimes can help you come into your own.

“If you have a question, don’t ask me.” ~ Liam Lewis, 2nd year Graphic Communication UWIC.


James Cox’s  presentation focused on the most recent posts form his blog Slurrr. The best way to understand this presentation is to follow the link and actually check out his work. Most importantly Cox is running, not quite a competition, but an active collection of peoples working spaces. So if you think you have a particularly unique or interesting work space, snap it and send it in. Here ends the shameless plug.

Stay posted!