I have to be brutally honest, this years D&AD briefs are poo! Not a graphic design brief in sight! Very disappointing when this basically sentences you to choosing a brief that will pit you against marketing, and illustration students. We lowly designers struggle to hold a pencil, let alone draw with one!

I settled for the McDonald’s brief. In my mind, I had the advantage for this brief as I did a considerable amount of research on Macky D’s for my dissertation. Little did I know, this was to be more about creating an integrated campaign than McDonald’s itself.

After some extensive research into the current adverts released in the either, I had to find a focus. It’s ‘A McDonald’s for everyone.’, something for everyone, unique to each customer. How was I supposed to capture that in a campaign!?

It took a weeks worth of generally being stuck, and some subliminal coaxing from my housemate, I settled on pushing the recycling angle. McDonald’s do use around 72% recycled materials in their packaging. This means that the other 28% has only been a tree, and a burger box. Not the most exciting existence in the world, so it’s up to the customers to recycle the packaging they use and give it another chance. This encourages the public to interact with McDonald’s and publiscises the environmental work done by the company. It’s a win win!

Visuals are on the way!