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Along over-due update on this years goings on, I really need to start cracking the wip with these things or I’ll have nothing to cobble a reflective journal together with. It’s far to easy to forget what you’ve been doing for the past two weeks when you’re jumping straight into another brief.

Rambling aside, this year we’ve been let loose on the briefs from YCN. Unfortunately we we’re only given two weeks to do this, while other designer friends in universities from far-flung countries (AKA England) have had a month or so. I’m just going to comfort myself with the knowledge that, eventually, I will be able to churn out the work like some sort of graphic machine.

Initially we were briefed by an Accounts Manager from YCN, who’s name escapes me, on the basics of the competition and the marking process. Unlike D&AD, YCN mark the entries proportionately, meaning that I didn’t have to play the numbers game and could choose the brief that most appealed to me. Out of all of them, Green & Blacks won out. How could any girl resist the opportunity to work with chocolate?

We were asked to create a campaign that convinced the public to ‘upgrade to Green & Blacks’. It is a little more pricy than the average bar of Cadburys, but as it’s both organic and fairtrade, I think it’s more than worth it.

I chose to latch onto one phrase that appeared in the brief, “Ask forgiveness, not permission.” and the more risque connotations the phrase entails.

By putting Green & Blacks products in the position of ‘the other lover’, or as a secret indulgence, it would highlight the guilt-free irresistibility of the product. You know you probably shouldn’t be eating it, but it’s too good not to indulge yourself.

Images to come!