In this project, we were asked to produce a piece of information graphics, showing how something ordinary can be extraordinary. I’m not sure why now, but I chose my fish tank. Maybe it was because it is something I see every day, but I’m regretting it slightly now, as I’ve lost interest in my fish a little… and lost two fish since 😦

I began by recording everything I could think of, the hight, depth, width, contents, where it was made, etc. I then went onto thinking of my fish tank as a person; turns out it’s a young mum who carries a lot of water weight.

Looking back, I seemed to have decided that I was going to produce an animation right from the start. At the time, I was confident I could do it, or at least produce an animatic or a story board that showed my ideas in good enough detail. In preparation, I recorded movements and cycles in my tank, and sent out a survey via facebook asking people about their experiences with pet fish they might have had. 

I took these elements and combined them together into a storyboard showing a fish, talking about the things that go on inside a fish tank.

According to feedback I received towards the end of the project, my requires five themes were not obvious enough in my story board, so I changed my idea into a poster, and then a book (which was apparently too obvious) and then another, final, book.

As I was working on my final book until well bask 4pm on a friday, the print shop I usually use closed, and no print shop is open over the weekend! In desperation, I resorted to using Cardiff Library’s colour printer. In my opinion, it is better to hand in something that is poorly printed (and be a bit miffed about it) than not hand it in at all.

I don’t think I was peanalised for the dodgy print ;P