I think it’s about time for a proper update on this project! It was far too much work for me to just forget about it :p 

Once more unto the breech!

We were briefed by Mike of Elmwood on a project set by Cardiff Airport. In groups, our task was to redesign the inbound journey, which included pretty much every aspect of the customer experience, under the umbrella of “A Walk on the Welsh side”. Understandably most of use were somewhat apprehensive of this project. As we were on a Graphic Communication course, we weren’t quite sure why we were being asked to take-on an interior design / product design / events management project. All we were being asked to do, was prepose our ideas in a series of presentations through the next four weeks. Luckily, each group was given a design company in Cardiff to work with. We were lucky enough to have Stazikerjones.

Through the four weeks, we met up with Stazikerjones around 5 times. The first time we met Leigh Jones and, who we assumed to be Staziker, but later turned out to be Matt Cox. I have to say that Jones came across as quite an abrasive person, he seemed to assume that we were there to talk about his company, more than the project. Understandably, we didn’t go into the first meeting all that prepared, but they were there to mentor and guide us through the project, so we assumed we’d be having a series of conversations with them.

After that, we only met up with Matt Cox, who was an incredible amount of help through the whole ideas generation process, and gave us valuable critique when it came to our presentations.

Through the four weeks we developed several ideas, but one seemed to stick out above all the others. The Black Sheep. 

The Black Sheep was a concept that portrayed Wales as the “black sheep” of great Britain, including unique – and somewhat expensive – produce found only in Wales. We used materials such as seep skin, slate (or shale in large places, you can’t believe how expensive proper Welsh slate is!) and natural woods to decorate the key areas of the airport that the inbound passengers would come into contact with, e.g. any one of 15 corridors, toilets, arrivals lounges, waiting areas, and shops. Throughout our journey, we tried to emphasise the uniqueness of Wales and Welsh produce. 

At the end of the project, every group presented their ideas in a 10 minute presentation. Ours included… a few more slides than the other groups. About 40 more slides than them actually ^ ^’

All the work – 9am to 6pm nearly every day for the four weeks – paid off in the end, as our group’s ideas and presentation were voted the best by all the professionals invited to watch, including Mile from Elmwood, and Leigh Jones and Matt Cox from Stazikerjones. This meant that we each won work experience with Elmwood at some time in the near future!

I have to say I’m a bit worried about going to london for a week or two. I may have family there, but I’ve never been there for an extended period of time, I hate the tube with a fiery passion, and I’m not particularly fond of the city. With any luck I’l be able to do it with a friend from my group so that I don’t get lost / mugged / eaten by wolves.

If I don’t… I don’t think I’ll be going at all…