The past four weeks have been, in a word, mental!

(This is the part where I do the boring update bit)

Cardiff airport, I’m assuming in exchange for funding the Cardiff Design Festival, set us a project to redesign the “customer experience” of an inbound passenger. Now, that doesn’t really sound like a graphic design based project, does it? No, I didn’t think so either. This project has proved to be one of the most demanding of my university career, luckily the work load was divided between myself and another four students in my group. If I had to do this amount of work on my own I think I would have had a nervous breakdown!

(Update fail.)

Ok, it seems I’m not really in the mood to type up the WHOOOOOOOOLE damn thing, but I will shorten key bits into easy to handle bite size chunks… like dog food 😀

  • There was an exceptional amount of research.
  • Watching nine of ten presentations in a row is boring.
  • Sometimes, working in a group is the best way to go.
  • Cooperating with the rest of the group is easy, avoiding being a doormat while doing this is not.
  • Drawing ability in graphic design is gold.
  • A good presentation requires more work than it’s worth.
  • It is impossible to get clear information out of tutors.

And that’s about it… 

I really do need to keep up with these updates, there’s no way I have the patience to type about a whole months worth of work in one go -.-‘