My exceptionally helpful friend Alice linked me to this rather interesting showcase of delicious coffee websites. This got me thinking about the UK Starbucks site:

Not the most visually stimulating site, I have to say. It appears that they put a lot more effort into their American sites. Though a bit more developed, I can’t help but think that this was a ‘knock it together for £100’ job:

For such a big company, it does make me wonder where the potential budget for their online presence is going. Maybe they just assume that they don’t have to try because they have such a large global presence? If you take a look at the delicious coffee showcase, you’ll see examples of how good these sites can be. Some of these little shops are only famous in the city they are based in, yet they have impressive websites that pull in hundreds of customers every day.

I’m thinking Starbucks might want to put a bit more budget into their online stuff, especially as their stock prices has been a little bit unstable for the past few years and they’re still only the second largest coffee franchise to Costa Coffee, who have a rather lovely shade of purple for their background…

…and neither are making as much as Cafe Nero, a site which unfortunately reminds me a little bit of those old-school Angelfire sites that were popular in the late 90s.

Apparently priorities in the design world of online coffee are all over the place :/