It’s been a fair while since my last update, so I though I best get back on this and note down how things are going.

Dissertation wise I’ve done about 5000 words, most of which include an intro, chapter one, and most of chapter three. I think I’m going to go well over the word count, but I don’t really care at this point, it’ll mean I have a lot more to fall back on if I’m told a huge chunk of it is rubbish and have to delete it. I’m slightly worried that I’ve found it a bit too easy to write this so far. If my experiences in education have taught me anything, it’s that if you’re finding something easy, you’re probably doing it wrong. I’m dreading writing out a few thousand words and having the, almost inevitable, conversation where I’m being told I’ve gone off on a totally pointless tangent and have waisted most of my summer producing useless work. I guess I’ll just have to cross that bridge if/when I come to it, there’s not much point worrying about it now.

As the third year is looming ever closer, I’m finding myself having a few anxieties. As I said in my last proper post, I was able to have a good chat with my work experience people about what actually goes on in a real, and successful, design company, e.g. how clients approach you, how projects are managed, how ideas are presented, etc. It will be interesting to see whether the ‘Real World’ project we are to be set will actually reflect this in any way, shape, or form. I’m already having my doubts as I’ve read about presentations and ‘creative projects’, neither of which are probably going to follow what really happens in industry. I’m sorry, but presenting to 30 odd people, who don’t really care for your project, as they are worrying about their own presentation, is just not practical, or fair.

Ok, presentation skills are important, but I’m sure it helps the client a great deal more to have ideas presented to them in a much more informal setting. One in which ideas can be calmly talked over, taken in, discussed, and feedback given. Not one where they are being told where the designer has ended up after minimal communication, and are basically being force fed what they are going to get, whether they like it or not.

Yes, I have negative views of presentations, especially in education. I do understand their potential worth as a life skill, but that does not mean they should be a staple time filler in a subject in which presentations are not a guaranteed formality.

It would be a shame if a brilliant idea was undermarked due to the nerves of its creator. Unfortunately, I’m almost sure that this has already happened several times in the last two years on this course.

On a brighter note, I think it’s about time to release samples of the work I did while on work experience. I shall upload a few pictures soon, once I’ve double checked with Resolution Design’s Creative Director. I’ll also check whether real world samples are available for my portfolio.

Until next time.