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The (I’d like to think) long awaited, and over due, proforma update has finally arrived to your screens! Those of you who are actually a little bit excited should be ashamed of yourselves! Academic skills are uncool and will only serve to get you beaten up behind the bike sheds! ;P

Apart from that I passed, WOOH! According to the magical paper of reason attached to the front of the ream that is my proforma I got an A. That is, I would have got an A if it wasn’t a pass or fail only thing and grades meant diddly squat for this project. Oh well, at least it gave me a bit of a confidence boost, and proves that I can string together seemingly unrelated information in a congruent fashion. Yes, we are into the big words today 🙂

The next step is returning to the reading and writing monster and see how much of this beast I can get done before the end of the summer. I do have primary research to collect, but I have to jump through several hoops for UWICs ethics panel in order to make sure I’m not ‘objectifying’ my subjects. All I want to do is ask a few Baristas in town about their daily observations of their client’s drinking habits, how unethical can that be?? Of course I’ll be a sensible little researcher and phone the manager of each of the Starbucks in question, ask if it’s OK for me to question one of their staff and find out the most convenient time to do so. Hopefully they don’t have some stupid Barista/Client confidentiality BS lurking in their contracts.

“I’ll have what ever that guy has, it looks really good!”

“I’m sorry madam, I’m contractually obliged not to tell you what he’s drinking. Beverage preference is confidential unless otherwise stated, in writing, by the client and signed by an officiary.”


In the meantime, I’m hoping to occupy myself with a few self set projects I’ve been meaning to get around to. And maybe find one or two cool things on the interwebs to chat about 🙂

Speaking of which, I’m off to hunt for the awesomeness! Laters Xx