As I type I am sipping on a grande skinny iced cafe mocha (with no cream).  I even made the 10 minute return walk to the nearest Starbucks to get it.  THAT is how much all this dissertation stuff is effecting me!  I’m even finding myself choosing coffee over tea now, and I LOVE tea!  As a Brit I should probably be ashamed of myself for such sacrilege, but I’m not :p

That was written about two weeks ago when I actually thought I had the time to procrastinate and speak idly of what ever caffeinated beverage I happened to be drinking at the time. Oh how wrong I was.

Thankfully I’ve now got my dissertation proforma out of the way, but it was a hell of a task towards the end. To be honest I’ve really enjoyed reading up on everything, I think I’ll be able to stay interested enough in this topic to write 8000 words.

Now I’ve just got to write the damn thing! And spend unnecessary money on books because our library has conveniently chosen to close from the end of may. 

It’s shocking how much certain books cost. I’ve been able to borrow The Coffee House: A Cultural History by Markman Ellis, which clearly states that it costs £18.99 on the back. I look online for a copy and the lowest prices are all in the region of £50! Daylight robbery if you ask me. On the other hand, I have found certain books for as low as a penny on eBay 😀 Shame it’s not those books I have to buy :/

Anyway, for now I will be filling my time with reading and attempting the multitude of briefs available on 99designs.com. Might even get some money out of it. Yay!