With one week to go until my second year show opens I’m fairly relaxed, worryingly so.  Though I have just checked my emails to find a ‘suggestion’ to change my exhibition piece from my C. Card project to my D&AD Oat So Simple pot designs.  This would have been much better received if I hadn’t just spent the weekend reworking all my C. Card stuff, I guess it needed re doing for my portfolio anyway.  I don’t think it would be too much work to touch up my pots, and it would probably be cheaper to print it all… I’m having visions of covering a table in oats and nesting pots into it now.  You know me, any chance to make a mess :p.  If I am to change my idea, I’m hoping I won’t have to take any more photos of lips covered in oats, my models are currently revising 24/7 for their exams and I can’t ask them to take precious time out of that for me.  Unless I bribe them maybe…

As for my dissertation preparation, I’ve started reading the stack of books I’ve already collected.  Hopefully I’ll be able to borrow them over the summer holidays, or I’ll be buying copies of them over the internet.  I wouldn’t mind this if one of the main books I’ve taken out wasn’t £50 second-hand!  I’ve just checked and another one of my books is £21 second hand, good buy maintenance grant 😦

On the plus side I’m really enjoying Starbucked, but I can’t see me finishing it any time soon.  I’ll just have to surgically attach myself to it and charge through it.  I’m supposed to be reading now actually, but writing this seems to help my process.

More good news!  I’ve got work experience for the summer holidays at Resolution Design! 😀  It’s fairly local to my home-home back in Wiltshire, which will be helpful traveling wise.  However, they are sustainable designers and all of their staff either cycle or walk to work.  It could be interesting if they ask me how I’m getting to their studio as I live seven miles away on possibly one of the most dangerous, and hilly, routs in Wiltshire.  I will be as sustainable as I can and take the bus every day like a good green designer 🙂 I’m still going to see if I can wrangle a few weeks more somewhere else to pad out my CV.  It’s only going to be for a week or two, but this will give me plenty of time to get a part time job and earn my rent! *dreads to think how much I’ve already spent on food shopping and prints this term, and its only been three weeks! ><

Back to the books!  Facebook included ^ ^’