As promised, here’s the (not so) long awaited dissertation question update!

It seems that I have a reason to feed my new found addiction to coffee this year, as my dissertation shall be on Coffee House culture.  WooHoo!  

I am honestly really looking forward to writing this.  I’m yet to start reading the small pile of books I have already amassed –I will get on to it asap, like… tomorrow.  Promise.- but I seem to have taken in the short article I’ve already read.  I am a wee bit concerned as to whether I’m actually going to get through all this reading in time for the proforma hand-in.  I’m not the fastest of readers, and knowing me I’m going to get a crazy amount of ideas as I read, which means I’ll have to stop and write them all down before I can read on.  I guess I’ll just have to take a full wallet and a book or two down to Starbucks and bust my way through them.  This is under the assumption that they’ll let me stay in there all day, as long as I drink my body weight in coffee… and inevitably not sleep that night because of it.  Hopefully they’ll see the irony of me reading Starbucked IN Starbucks…

But seriously, I think I’m interested enough in this subject to absorb all the information I require to make up the golden 8000 words.  I’m actually browsing amazon for more books as we speak.

Comparing Starbucks to McDonalds without being too bias might be difficult though, as I have developed an air of coffee-snobbishness.  This is probably due to cutting my teeth on extra hot grande mochas.  How they’ll compare to McDonalds’ finest filter coffee, I’ll have to find out.  Though it sounds like I’m searching for excuses to drink more coffee than is good for me, I actually have a valid reason for numerous visits.  I need to absorb the atmosphere, understand what makes you want to sit down and enjoy your over-priced drink in Starbucks, and what makes you grab your cup and run out of McDonalds.

As much as I would like to –and as helpful as it is to my thought process– to muse endlessly on this subject, I have a day of painting studios ahead of me, therefor sleep is required.

Night Xx

{:: Also: A cookie for anyone who can name the larger book in the pic up top :p ::}