The end of year show is drawing ever nearer and I have realised that there is quite a lot of preparation work to be done.

Half of my C. Card stuff needs redesigning due to ledgability issues I had not noticed, mainly because I’ve been staring at it for the last week.  The boundaries of design begin to blur if you look at things for too long.  Apart from that I’ve got to see if I can get my hands on a hand-dryer and a small pub table.  I think I’m more likely to get the table than the dryer, though I’ve no idea how I’ll get it into uni :S I really must learn how to drive this summer.

I’ve signed myself up for painting the studio this Friday, I may be able to snap a few progress shots to show you how we got on.  I’m not doing it by myself by the way, there’s twelve of us prepared to get covered in white emulsion 😀

Hopefully I’ll be able to get myself organised and have time to get a move on with my dissertation proforma (which I will write about soon).

Laters Xx