After yesterday, I feel somewhat calmer about the dissertation that looms before us like a monster in the mist.  It seems to me that it’s being blown way out of proportion from what it actually is, a very long and hyped-up essay.

After a free writing exorcise yesterday morning, my brain appears to have kicked itself into a gear suitable for finding a dissertation question I can go the distance with.  My problem now, is choosing one from my mental list and finding enough books to make it worth my while.

Let me know what you think about any of these…

  1. Environmental Persuasion:  How environments can effect us and change our behavior, focusing on subliminal commercial persuasion, the semiotics of shops (though I’m not sure I understand semiotics enough to go very far with this angle).  Possible case studies include, Starbucks and the coffee house phenomena (including the censoring of the Starbucks logo), Super markets and how subtle signs and signals are used to encourage us to spend more/buy more than we need, and Mc Donalds and how the american theme encourages us to buy unhealthy food.  I’ve already found a few books that could help me, but not enough so far 😦
  2. The Cultural Phenomena of Pokemon:  A historical approach looking at the history of Pokemon and how it has appropriated itself in the form of updated remakes of past games in the series.  Case studies would include the remakes of Red and Blue (Fire Red and Leaf Green) and Silver and Gold (Heart Gold and Soul Silver).  I’m yet to find any books that are relevant, so I have a feeling the majority of my research material will come from contemporary web-based essays/academic writings.  However, if I took an appropriate theoretical approach, I’m sure I can find plenty if I look hard enough.
  3. The Legend of Zelda and its real world connotations:  I haven’t thought too much into this one yet.  I could possibly look at how the Hylaian belief system compares to real world theology, e.g. The Triforce = The Holy Grail, Farore, Din and Nayru = The Pagan Tripple Goddess, etc.  

I’m sure more ideas will sneak their way into my subconsciousness and subsequently confuse me more even more ><