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Our next project is a bit of a strange one.  The brief’s a bit wordy, but I think we have to produce a portrait of one of two people we were given.  I just so happened to have a choice between either the man of steel Super Man or the plastic monster Barbie, neither o which I’m particular fond of to be honest.  Seeing as I didn’t fancy trawling the depths of the DC universe, I’ve chosen to look at Barbie… though I’m probably going to regret it in like a week.

I was never really one for barbie, I was more of a tom-boyish action man kind’a girl, so it might be fun to catch up on some of the girly stuff I may have missed out on.  I’m doubting it a bit though :p

I’ve already had a look at the Wikipedia article it seems to me that Barbies creators, Mattel, seem to be rather bully-like in their approach to lawsuits.  They take every opportunity to attack the little-man at the tiniest hint of copyright infringement or slander (I’m not even sure if it’s safe to type this).  The only time their legal ventures have been successful is after MGA Entertainment’s release of the Bratz dolls.  According to Wiki (so I’m not 100% sure how reliable this information is) Carter Bryant was working for Mattel when he first designed the Bratz dolls, and later pitched them to MGA while under their employment.  This was apparently in breach of his contract with Mattel, forcing MGA to stop production and trade of Bratz in 2009 and pay Mattel $100 million in damages!  That’s a bit extreme don’t you think?

I have a feeling I’ll either really enjoy this project, or I’m going to hate it pretty quickly.