Now that this, rather stressful, week is over, I like to think that I have a better understanding of what’s actually being asked of us this term. If nothing else I defiantly know more about eco-friendly design and have a new found seance of guilt for buying so much paper in the past. I’ve actually taken quite a bit on-board and I’m now refusing to buy anything that doesn’t even at least have the FSC logo on it. Even toilet paper!


CCS: The Early Poster

I couldn’t really take many notes in this weeks lecture, Kedge seemed to be trying to take us away from the slides and encourage us to talk about things. He did however, take us through the text we were supposed to read for the lecture, which made my reading and summarizing the night before more or less useless. We did however, look at quite a lot of Lucian Bernhard’s work. His designs were so simple, I couldn’t help but have a ‘I could have done that’ moment. But I guess he got their first, being born 106 years before me.

For next weeks lecture on Wartime Propaganda, we’ve been asked to read an exceptionally lengthy essay on psychology and how the media can create a need that humans wouldn’t necessarily have naturally. I’m about half way through it so far, and I think it’s going in… I think. I’ve substituted a highlighter for a yellow pen, so hopefully my book will start to look a bit more tidy, and hopefully look like it’s been read. I take far too good care of my stuff.


Sustainable Brief

We finally met our rather uniquely named client, Lulu Kitololo, this week. I have to say that she’s one of the smileyest people I’ve ever met! We spent an exceptionally long day watching Miss(?) Kitololo present about sustainable design and ethics and eventually hear what or brief is. Though I still don’t think I’m 100% clear about what we have to do exactly. I think we have to find ways of promoting sustainable practice to the design community.

Thankfully, my worries on organizing the entire group around one person were voiced by Jo Black, who suggested that we all do print on Tuesday and Wednesday and web on Thursday and Friday. A plan which every one seemed very pleased to agree with.


Now, I really must get on with looking at the large amount of websiteswe’ve been given to look at, and maybe finish reading that giant essay…