Another week gone, and it’s pretty much been a repeat of last week really. Except that maybe I’ve realized that I really need my bike, and soon! And freshers-flu really isn’t all that fun. Apart from that, it’s been the same old same old.


CCS: Print & The Book

This week, we learnt that the book was an integral part of the distribution of information, and therefore knowledge. There was also a lot of other ‘social consequences’ that were a direct result of mass publication facilities… Yeah, there’s a reason I take notes during lectures. It takes at least two reads through for anything to stick into my sieve for a brain. I’m really going to have to type up all my lecture notes so I have something to work from when I eventually start to work on my essay. I’m tempted by the book question, but that could just be because of the lecture. Anyway, apart from debating whether or not the printed book is dead, we were also given an ancient (about 15th century) advert to decode. I swear it was written in the most hard to read Gothic font I’ve ever laid my eyes upon! And in harder to decipher ye oldie English! I think an over exposure to the internet and it’s clean-cut vector typography has crippled my ability to read Gothic and script fonts.


The Organization of Information

Pretty much the same brief as last week, except this time we were researching the layout of a website instead of a publication. I can’t help but feel that the last two weeks have almost repeated both the first project and the first few seminars of the first year. I’m hoping ti’s just to refresh our memories and get us back into the swing of things. I will not be happy if this year is simply a rehash of last year!

thankfully, I was working with Lauren and Charlotte again this week. We’ve got some good group chemistry going on, which I’m very thankful for, as we all agreed to do a day of independent analysis. This meant that I had some time to recover from my freshers-flu (which I am still suffering with) and Lauren didn’t have to travel for four hours to get into uni from Bristol. We got in nice and early on Thursday so we had plenty of time to compare notes and make our PowerPoint presentation with time to spare before our tutorial at four.

This weeks presentation did not go as well as last weeks, at all. I was rather ill and exceptionally nervous, and despite having prepared and rehearsed, I still trembled my way through it. I doubt I’m ever going to be comfortable with talking in front of people. Oh well, hopefully it won’t effect my grades too much.


Next week…

An actual proper project… hopefully. But unfortunately, it looks like it’s another group thing, oh well.