This week’s been an interesting one to say the least. Daily starting times have been all over the place and I’ve found that I live way too far away form uni. Also, presentations aren’t so bad anymore.


CCS: Publicity and Power.

By the looks of it, this years CCS revolves around the manipulation of the masses through out history. Apparently part of our future jobs will involve changing the way people think through our designs, so it should be helpful in the long run. How interesting it’s all going to be however, remains to be seen. I will, as always, be diligently taking notes and trying to make sense of them at a later date. I may be typing up my notes and uploading them onto here. If I have time. Possibly…

There’s also another essay looming just over the horizon. 2500 – 3000 words, so it’s a little longer than the last one, but it doesn’t sound too bad. I just wish I had any sort of clue what the questions were going on about. Until you have the required number of lectures under your belt you have little to no idea of what’s required of you. I’m still determined to have it ‘finished’ at least a week before the deadline so I have plenty of time to get it looked at and, if need be, corrected. I didn’t have a problem with the last essay though, A- isn’t too shabby for a first attempt. And now I know how to do footnotes. I also need to spend some time on the presentation of it all, my last essay really was lacking in that area.


Information Design, Making the Complex Clear.

This week we’ve all been divided up into little groups for a week-long work shop on house-style. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not overly fond of working with other people. I either find that I end up doing most of the work, or some busybody takes over. This time however, I rather enjoyed the team experience. I’d never worked with either Lauren or Charlotte before. Charlotte was actually one of those people from the 1/4 of the course I didn’t really know, so it was a real test of my people skills.

Each group were given the task of looking at a different publication and analyzing the house-style. We were also expected to produce an A2 (full colour and rather expensive) poster based on our findings and present it at the end of the week. Normally presentations really scare me, but this time I thought to myself, ‘I have to get used to this sooner or later!’ so I tried not to let it bother me. I think that’s what I want out of this term at least, better presentation/people skills.

I found it rather easy to get back into the swing of working after the long summer, but I found the uncertain times and uni’s distance from my house to be problematic. I was loosing about two hours a day just walking there and back.

I think we organized ourselves really well this week. We’d finished the 600 – 800 word essay we were expected to use as content for our poster by the end of the first day, and had the poster designed and in the print shop by Thursday afternoon, giving us all of Friday morning to prepare (of in my case panic) about the presentation. Despite all my worrying and stress in the last hour before the presentation time (2pm) it went rather well. Preparing and writing myself highlighted bullet points to use really helped. I still found myself trembling though. Defiantly have to get over that!


Next week…

Another week long ‘workshop’ awaits us, this time on websites. Our groups get mixed up again, so I’m hoping for as good a combination as this week.

must do the reading for CCS…