Now that I’m up to date with last years work, I can finally start updating on something a bit more recent… The Summer Project! I know, you spend all year working away (no, not all students are party animals) it finally comes to summer and you think you get to have a break but noooo. Oh well, I guess we need something to keep our tiny designer brains going through the holidays. I’ve finally learnt something useful in full time education and I refuse to loose it!


Holiday Project – Year 1 You are all required to complete a holiday project which asks you to find out about contemporary design/designers. Part 1 of the project starts now. It invites you to build on the Wonderwall project by looking for additional new talent.

Unfortunately, I missed the 2nd year show because of the final project (no matter how hard you try it’s impossible to balance everything) so I will have to make two more posters for the third year exhibition. The first third year I chose to look at was Lloyd Barey, mainly because his designs made me laugh. I’m not going to go into too much detail about these because you can click them and read it all for yourself :p Charlotte Petty’s idea for a student eating deck of cards really intrigued me. If I had been given something like that at the start of the year I think I would have looked after myself a lot better, and enjoyed cooking a little bit more. I mainly liked Elin Huws’ Slate, Strike, Strife because one of her panels had rather large print about good tea (I am rather partial to a cup or two). The earthy colour scheme also really appealed to me… it’s not all about tea.

The next two will be coming soon, I promise! Just need to write a few words and cut out a few images :p

I’m also still looking for my two contemporary design companies ‘whose work I really rate’. I’ll have to scour the Creative Review blog for shiny new talent.